A Fireplace Makeover

A Fireplace Makeover
Does your Fireplace come out of the 60s or 70s and it looks like it? That is an easy thing for a good masonry contractor to change.

Did you know that the brickwork or stone masonry that makes your fireplace look dated, is completely separate, in a structural sense, from the firebox and chimney masonry?

That means your dreary looking fireplace face can be torn off the wall in a few minutes, and then made over as your dream fireplace. Or simper yet, there are a multitude of manufactured stones that look fantastic and can be applied right over that tired face of yours.

Find Your Dream Fireplace

So just start dreaming. What does your ultimate fireplace look like? What style is your room decorated in? What do you want this major focal point of the room to say about you?

Find your new fireplace design on Pinterest. Its FREE! And I will make it look just like the picture. You will be surprised, my part is easy. All you need to do is chose your new look.

Contact me at (805) 492-8110 or coby@cobyco.com and I will be happy to help. – Coby