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The Brick Fix Story

You may have said it.

You may have heard it.

“I can’t find anyone to do a SMALL JOB!”

I have heard it for years. Then, in 1993 two things happened. All of my “big” jobs disappeared in the bad economy and my wife got a very good job. I started thinking, maybe people really did need help with the small jobs: like chimney repair, or brickwork for their walkways or mailboxes. Maybe taking all the professionalism, and the skills, and the work ethic that I’d learned the past 20 years on the “big” jobs as a Masonry Contractor, might help people with the small jobs and repairs. So I set about helping people with small brick laying jobs, fixing concrete cracks, or small stucco repairs, little things that seemed to be difficult to get done well.

Fast forward to the present and we’ve run this “little” brick repair business successfully since 1993. So if you have a small repair (or a small job) and you’d like professional results and service, why not give us a call. (805) 492-8110 or email us at: coby@cobyco.com.

We’re licensed, legal, liability and workers’ compensation insured.

I am here to help you.

Thank you,
Scott Whiting

Scott Whiting is enjoying retirement and has entrusted Coby, whom he has worked with for 15 years, to continue BrickFix and his long time employee, Juan, still works with Coby doing the BrickFix jobs.

BrickFix “A Coby-Co Construction Service”

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